MITOL™ is a patented polyphenol extract from the Ecklonia cava brown algae that grows off the coasts of Korea and Japan. It is the result of more than 15 years and over $35 million dollars of developmental research. The extraction process first produces SEANOL®, an ingestible polyphenol used in capsule and tablet products. MITOL is then extracted from SEANOL and is a significantly more purified and potent form of polyphenol specificallydeveloped for topical applications.
Some of the primary healing properties of these polyphenols include:

  • Supports healthy cellular response to both heal and protect.
  • Significant improvement in blood flows and promotion of circulatory system health.
  • Strong anti-oxidant scavenging of free radicals promotes healthy cellular function and eliminates a key source of oxidative stress known to impair cellular health.

Inflammation is associated with of a number of chronic conditions that impair or otherwise interfere with everyday living activities by adversely impacting joint health and function, including joint strength, flexibility and endurance. Long-term chronic joint discomfort often arises from inflammation and degradation of cartilage in the joint that may also cause damage to surrounding tissue resulting in further discomfort.
The healing powers of MITOL arise primarily from stimulating blood circulation and promoting healthy cellular function, potentially leading to reduction or elimination of discomfort in muscles, joints and surrounding tissue.

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