About Menthonol®

Menthonol combines the known pain relieving properties of menthol, camphor and arnica oil with the patented ingredient Seanol®-S to create a new and uniquely powerful topical pain relief cream.  This potent new combination of ingredients also utilizes time-release encapsulation technology to deliver a product that really works to provide long-lasting relief from your aches and pains.

The ingredient in Menthonol that makes it very different from other pain creams is Seanol-S, a highly concentrated polyphenol extract (1000:3) from marine algae.  It is the result of more than 20 years and over $40 million dollars of developmental research.  The Seanol-S multi-phase extraction process produces a significantly more concentrated and potent form of extract specifically developed for topical applications.  Seanol-S ‘s powerful health-promoting properties include:  

  • Healthy inflammatory response properties that both heal and protect as a result of improved blood condition and flow
  • Improved joint and muscle function, flexibility, and strength
  • Significant blood circulation improvements and overall promotion of vascular health that heals joints, muscles and surrounding tissue
  • Improved delivery of other healing ingredients    

The unique combination of ingredients in Menthonol delivers a wide spectrum of healing topical relief to improve overall quality of life.  The primary benefits of Menthonol include: 

  • Soothing topical relief from aches interfering with everyday living and activities
  • Penetrates deep below the skin into muscles and tissue to soothe and heal stiff, sore muscles and joints
  • Enhances range of movement and motor function 
  • Non-greasy formulation does not irritate skin and has a mild, pleasant short-lived scent
  • Especially beneficial to those who as a result of aging, work or other activities experience discomfort in their muscles, joints or other areas impacting movement, mobility, strength, and flexibility.