About Seanol®

The ONLY FDA Approved Ecklonia Cava Marine-Algae Extract

Optimize cellular, cardiovascular and metabolic health to support lifelong physical and mental wellness.

How Seanol Works

As the body addresses the daily onslaught of dietary, environmental, and lifestyle risk factors, impurities such as free radicals, toxins and excess lipids enter the blood. These elements adversely affect blood health and circulation, causing cells throughout the body to lose their ability to function optimally. Impaired cell function can result in the development of many adverse chronic health conditions.

Seanol combines potent antioxidant and healthy inflammatory response properties to improve the condition and flow of the blood to reduce stresses that impair cellular metabolism.

By rejuvenating and protecting cells, Seanol establishes the fundamental conditions for improved health, while also fighting many chronic conditions generally associated with aging.