FibroBoost contains Seanol with no other active ingredients. Extensive in-vitro, pre-clinical and clinical research validate that Seanol's polyphenols provide strong antioxidant effects and long-lasting support for healthy inflammatory response. This potent health agent promotes healthy cardiovascular architecture, enhanced blood flows, and healthy blood sugar levels. The broad spectrum of health benefits delivered by Seanol make it a supplement that has the potential to enhance the well-being and quality of life of most individuals.

Seanol is a unique polyphenol/phlorotannin extract from Ecklonia cava marine algae grown off the coasts of Korea and Japan. It is the result of more than 15 years and $35MM of focused developmental funding and research. These extracts now serve as the basis for purified grades of algae-based anti-oxidants and are classified as ‘Seanol’ in nutraceutical formulations. Extensive scientific testing (in-vitro, in-vivo animal model tests, and human clinical studies) supports the many potential health benefits of Seanol, including:

• Strong anti-oxidant scavenging and removal of ‘free-radicals’ and toxins from the cardiovascular system
• Promotes healthy blood viscosity for optimal flow
• Supports healthy blood vessel function
• Helps maintain healthy lipid levels
• Promotes overall healthy blood metrics
• Enhanced alertness and mental clarity without the stress of stimulants
• Supports memory and cognitive function
• Significant improvement is skin healthy and appearance

The potency of Seanol is extended by its molecular structure that allows it to remain active in the metabolism significantly longer than virtually all of the land-based polyphenols (such as the catechins from green tea, resveratrol from grapes, ECGC, tocopherol, etc.). Seanol's molecular properties also allows the polyphenols to pass through the blood-brain barrier and deliver its health benefits to this generally difficult to access area of the body. Lastly, Seanol's ORAC score (more than 8,300) for anti-oxidation potential is significantly higher than most known land-based polyphenols (including catechins).

Each 400mg capsule of FibroBoost includes: 400mg Seanol (marine algae polyphenol extract), other ingredients (vegetable cellulose [preservative-free, from capsule shell], cellulose, magnesium stearate). There is also a small amount (well below recommended levels) of iodine that occurs naturally in the algae that Seanol is extracted from. It is not an added ingredient.

The safety of Seanol was recently validated by the US Food & Drug Administration’s approval of Seanol as a New Dietary Ingredient (October, 2008). All dietary supplements are required to apply for this designation if the ingredient was not in the US market prior to 1996. The extensive research done on Seanol was a critical element in achieving this difficult to obtain designation from the FDA.
Benefits of using FibroBoost as a Supplement to Fibronol:

FibroBoost is also intended for use as a supplement to Fibronol® for episodes of unusual discomfort (“bad days”) or severe episodes of “fibro-fog” and for use as a supplement when periods of increased energy are required, as in long-distance travel or exercise. It is recommended that 1-4 capsules/day of FibroBoost be taken as needed in conjunction with Fibronol. Patients electing to take FibroBoost in lieu of Fibronol should take 4-6 capsules per day. The primary benefits of FibroBoost for fibromyalgia patients include: increased energy and comfort levels along with longer and deeper sleep.

Additionally, in some fibromyalgia patients with pre-existing IBS-diarrhea conditions, magnesium or aloe vera (both included in Fibronol) may aggravate IBS symptoms, particularly diarrhea. While low amounts of magnesium are generally safe (regular dosing of Fibronol), FibroBoost does not include any magnesium since Seanol is the sole ingredient. This means you can potentially get added benefits from FibroBoost—in addition to Fibronol—without taking higher levels of magnesium. However, fibromyalgia patients with pre-existing IBS-diarrhea conditions should gradually build up their dosage levels of Fibronol and/or FibroBoost to avoid potential aggravation of their IBS symptoms and to understand their individual dosage thresholds or tolerances.

In addition to the benefits of Fibronol, FibroBoost can provide:

  • Quick, powerful improvement in quality of life for individuals with fibromyalgia
  • Ease of taking fewer capsules with even more powerful results
  • Convenient, episodic support to manage the unpredictable discomforts of Fibromyalgia.

FibroBoost has been proven to be very safe. We are not aware of any discernible side effects to FibroBoost.

FibroBoost is manufactured in accordance with FDA approved current Good Manufacturing Practices (“cGMP”).

FibroBoost is priced at: $49.95 per 75-capsule bottle; or $270 for 6 bottles (10% discount); or $510 for 12 bottles (15% discount).