Research and Clinical Studies

SEANOL’s powerful benefits have been proven in world-renowned institutions in the US, Japan and Korea including the MiRae Medical Institute (Korea) and the University of Washington department of pathology (US).

Additional information and an overview of the clinical research supporting Seanol’s wide-ranging benefits are available upon request from

Published Research Articles:

A.) Anti-Inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory benefits of ECE – Jung 2009
Anti-inflammatory benefits of ECE – Shibata 2003

B.) Anti-Oxidant
Anti-oxidant potency of ECE – Ahn 2007
Anti-oxidant and anti-proliferative properties of ECE – Athukorala 2006
Anti-oxidant potential of ECE – Senevirathne 2006
Anti-oxidant potency of ECE – Kang 2005

C.) Antihypertensive

Antihypertensive effect of ECE – Hong 2006

D.) Cardiovascular

Cardiovascular benefits of ECE – Kang 2003

E.) ED

ED benefits of ECE – Kang 2003


HIV-1 inhibition by ECE – Ahn 2004

G.) Memory

Memory improvement by ECE – Myung 2005

H.) Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)

MMP inhibition by ECE – Kim 2006

I.) Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis benefits of ECE – Shin 2006

J.) Skin Cancer
Skin cancer inhibition by ECE – Ward 2007
Skin cancer prevention properties of ECE – Hwang 2006