Seanol's Key Functions and Applications

While there are many natural products capable of one or two of the following functions with some efficacy, Seanol is unique in being a single ingredient capable of performing all of these functions with high potency.

1. Scavenge Free-Radicals

Cells are under constant attack from free-radicals that cause increased oxidative stress and make cells lose their ability to function optimally. Since oxidative stress is not only a cause, but also a result of inflammation, it is crucial to utilize powerful antioxidants that target both. 

Seanol's extraordinary abilities to scavenge free radicals have been confirmed in numerous published scientific studies. Seanol's unique molecular structures allow it to effectively reduce oxidative stress for improved cellular health and function.

2. Healthy Cell Function

Ongoing impairment of cellular function can lead to increases in the levels of certain enzymes or biomarkers present in distressed health states. A number of studies have demonstrated that the polyphenols in Seanol inhibit the expression iNOS and other enzymes. By reducing free-radicals and enzyme levels, Seanol can mitigate condition that impair cell function.

3. Healthy Blood Circulation

  • Enhance Blood Health

SEANOL is shown to promote heart and circulatory health by helping in the maintenance of normal, healthy blood lipids. Furthermore, Seanol's antioxidant capabilities enhance blood cell health by supporting optimal cellular function that helps to preserve cell integrity and optimize cell performance.

  • Promote Blood Flow

Healthy blood flows are a critical element in a well-functioning circulatory system. Blood viscosity directly impacts blood flows and can be compromised by certain proteins. The polyphenols in SEANOL have been reported in various studies to support the balance of enzymes needed to optimize blood viscosity. As a result SEANOL improves the overall condition and flow of blood, making a significant difference in your body’s overall condition.

  • Enhance Vascular Flexibility

Healthy blood vessels normally contract or relax, depending on the demand for blood supply. Cells impaired by oxidative stress produce enzymes that cause blood vessels to excessively contract, impeding the flow of blood. This condition is often exacerbated by diet, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. The polyphenols in SEANOL support the normal contraction and relaxation of blood vessels by inhibiting enzymes that impede vascular flexibility and function.

Major Applications

  • Removes free radicals and toxins for improved overall cellular health and function.
  • Supports healthy blood vessel function and healthy blood viscosity for optimal flow
  • Helps maintain healthy lipid levels
  • Promotes overall healthy blood metrics
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range
  • Supports delivery of oxygen and nutrients to energize tissue and cells
  • Improves energy, stamina, and helps overcome fatigue
  • Enhances alertness and mental clarity without the stress of stimulants
  • Supports memory and cognitive function