SEANOL’s Molecular Advantages

1.   Highest Purity

Seanol is a highly purified polyphenol extract from marine algae (phlorotannins).  The Seanol extraction process produces a 95% pure polyphenol compound that has powerful health-promoting properties.

2.   Powerful Scavenger

Seanol molecules include more phenol structures than land-based polyphenols and these larger, longer-chain attributes enhance Seanol's free-radical scavenging and toxin removal properties significantly beyond other polyphenols.

3.   Superior Bioactivity Range

Seanol's unique and extensive scope of bioactivity is based on the combination of 14 marine polyphenols.  This optimally balanced wide spectrum of polyphenols enables Seanol to positively impact more biomolecules and cellular functions than land based polyphenols.  The graph above shows the broad range of bioactive peaks where Seanol's polyphenols are active, as compared to the very narrow range for green tea polyphenols.  As a result, Seanol delivers health benefits throughout the body, including the brain where only oil soluble molecules cross the blood/brain barrier.  Seanol's balance of water and oil soluble polyphenols creates multiple opportunities in developing formulations for various applications and markets.