Who We Are

JP Renew Distributors LLC (“JPRD”) was initially formed to bring the patented Seanol polyphenol technology to the Japanese market.   The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington with associates and partners in Tokyo, Kyoto,  Seoul, and San Francisco.  JPRD is part of a larger network of companies in Asia and the US focused on the development and distribution of Seanol in both nutraceutical and eventually pharmaceutical applications.

JPRD formally introduced Seanol and all existing Seanol based products at the Natural Foods EXPO in Tokyo in May 2005.  Seanol is currently working with partneres and customers in North America,  Japan, Europe, and Australia to distribute Seanol based products. JPRD offers a number of services in support of its partners including but not limited to:

  • Export of established and successful Seanol based products including modifications of products to meet local  regulatory requirements.
  • Export of bulk Seanol under license agreement for formulation into products in Japan or other partner territories.
  • Data and reports supported by a wide spectrum  of clinical studies involving Seanol conducted by leading research institutions such as the University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington, the National Institute of Health, and the Mirae Research Institute in Seoul, Korea.
  • Support of Japanese customs and FOSHU requirements.
  • Formulation services to design new and efficacious Seanol based products.

JPRD was founded in 2006 by Dr. Justin Shimada and Dr. Craig Palmer. Sales in the US is led by Trey MacPhee, Vice President of Sales and operations in  Japan is  supported by Dave Keller, Vice President of Business Development and Dr. Mac Terada (located in Japan), Director of Business Development – Japan.